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THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2007


Alcohol sales could provide funds for Hartselle projects

To The Daily: We could have our cake and eat it, too. When are the citizens of Hartselle going to break away from the grips of the few institutions that deem alcohol sales will turn our fine city into a fireball from hell?

I, of all people, do not want to see my tax bill increase, be it sales or property. Why not think alcohol sales in a progressive manner on obtaining funds to increase our marketability to attract industry and fine dining?

This is a win-win proposition for the citizens of Hartselle. We would gain revenue from the sales of alcohol; this is a free-will tax, not for everyone. This extra cash would help fund some of the city projects to make Hartselle more attractive, i.e. new schools, affordable housing, better restaurants, and industry.

We only need to look north to Decatur to see the writing on the wall. Soon the Target store will be opening along with a host of other fine stores, services and restaurants. Where do you think I am going to shop and eat along with many other Hartselle residents?

I would prefer to stay local. However, there are few choices. Hartselle, let’s get smart for once.

Ed Forster

Books, movies don’t motivate mass-murderers

To The Daily: One of my favorite columns in The Daily is Franklin Harris’ “Culture Shock.” I lean toward his way of thinking at least 80 percent of the time. In my opinion, he was right on the money in his April 26 column, “Virginia Tech tragedy is latest excuse to attack popular culture.”

I agree with Mr. Harris. I don’t think reading books or watching movies creates mass killers. The gun-control aspect is a letter all its own, so I will leave that one alone for now.

Cho Seung-Hui had already videotaped what he planned to do on April 16 — massacre innocent people. Cho was already a violent person before he ever set foot on the Virginia Tech campus. He didn’t sit down and read a Stephen King novel and decide to commit mass murder.

In fact, I know of no one who has read King, or any other writer of the macabre, who has embarked on a journey of mass murder.

The bottom line is: People make their own decisions to do what they do. But, by today’s standards, it is always easy to shift blame away from where it belongs.

Jimmy Robinson

Traffic signal would have prevented tragic accident

To The Daily: The May 9 wreck at McEntire Lane and Alabama 24 would not have happened if the state had done its job and put up a traffic light. How many more people will have to die before something is done?

Travis Everett and Rebecca Byers Everett had three young children. Now he is gone and she is in the SICU at Huntsville Hospital in critical condition. We need to start up a fund to help with her hospital expense and to help the family. Thank you.

Cindy Moore
Town Creek

Suspicious letter full of errors turned out to be scam

To The Daily: Scam alert: I recently received a letter from TCH Finacial (sic) Corportion (sic) Inc. in Canada, along with a $4,550 check from Battaglia Distributing Corp. Inc., telling me I was a winner in a sweepstakes and lottery draw (sic). Enticing information to say the least. All I had to do was pay taxes of $2,850 via money gram.

However, since I had not entered any sweepstakes or lotteries and the letter was full of misspelled words and poor sentence structure and had come in a plain envelope with no letterhead, I was quite suspicious of this “fabulous” offer.

Out of curiosity, I tried to call the phone number but the call would not go through.

My suspicions were confirmed when I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Their advice: Shred both the letter and the check.

The purpose of this letter is to warn others, once again, that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Phyllis S. Salyer

Reader liked political cartoon for a change

To The Daily: The sky is falling. The sky is falling.

The sky must be falling because I liked your political cartoon on May 11, in which Rep. Nancy Pelosi was running the house of ill repute.

Bobbie Johnson

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