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FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2007


Tell lawmakers to support accountability legislation

To The Daily: The May 3 edition of The Decatur Daily contained the letter, “Elect lawmakers who display integrity, humility” from Dan Broughten in which he wrote, “There’s only one way to take back our state government: Elect people to the Legislature who have integrity and humility.” Great idea, but voters in many districts won’t do that.

I submit there is another way: Help make Alabama the 25th Initiative and Referendum state so voters can initiate real reform and accountability legislation that will bypass both the Legislature and the governor and be placed on the ballot for voters to accept or reject.

There are currently two identical bills in the Legislature that will do just that, if the Legislature approves them: HB263 and SB 378. I urge all Alabamians to contact their state senators and representatives today and tell (not ask) them if they don’t work to have these bills passed, the voter will influence as many of that legislator’s constituents as possible to work to ensure that legislator is never again elected to any office in Alabama.

Some may consider telling the people we elect and pay to work for those of us who actually own our government what to do, rather than pleading they do something, a novel idea.

Telling them in a way that makes them scared to not do what we want is probably the only way to make them give us owners more of a voice in our own government. If voters can scare enough legislators, they could help turn our government into one truly of, by, and for the people.

If Alabamians don’t actively confront their employees in the Legislature in this manner, then they deserve the government they love to hate.

Don Seibold

Americans paying high price for illegal immigration

To The Daily: The Internet is a marvelous thing. The amount of information available to the average citizen is staggering. This hopefully makes for a better informed and more engaged society. For instance, visiting the Web sites Immigration Counters, or the Media Research Center, will turn up all kinds of interesting data.

Did you know the amount of money wired to Mexico since June 2006 was more than $27 billion? That’s right — with a “b”.

Did you know that 60 percent of Housing and Urban Development funds go to illegals? Did you also know that one in 10 babies born in the U.S. is born to an illegal? If you know these statistics then you will understand why it has cost taxpayers $397 billion in social services since 1996.The cost to educate “anchor babies” from K-12 is a whopping $14 billion. Is it any wonder our school systems are in such dire straits?

We have been told illegals are doing jobs Americans won’t do, but did you know that only 2 percent of illegals are actually picking fruits and veggies? Some 41 percent are on welfare.

Did you know 25 Americans die each day at the hands of illegal aliens, and half of those from uninsured drunk drivers?

Did you know the average illegal in prison has been arrested eight times and committed 13 crimes? Conservative estimates suggest that in any given year there are 230,000 illegal aliens in U.S. prisons, all being cared for by your tax dollars!

America, when are we going to say, “Enough is enough,” and demand action from our elected officials at every level of government? When the next terrorist attack happens? I pray we wake up to the threat of our open borders before then. Wake up America.

Pamela Milligan

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