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Bush not at fault for ills; saying so hurts country

To The Daily: After reading Paula Hurst’s May 20 letter, I asked myself, “What world does she lives in?” I don’t agree with everything the president has done, and probably never will with any president. He relied on faulty intelligence, made some mistakes, which most likely were the result of the Clinton intelligence slice and dice show.

Dozens of news entities (newspapers, television stations) went to Florida after the 2000 vote and recounted the vote for themselves and came to the same conclusion: Mr. Bush legally won. A liberal-leaning Supreme Court also concurred that Bush won. As for the 2004 vote, obviously he won again. There weren’t any major recounts or court actions, plus Sen. Kerry quickly conceded to him.

More than 500 WMDs containing sarin and mustard gases have been found in Iraq, plus a centrifuge unearthed, and massive arms caches destroyed. A murderous dictator has been dethroned and hanged by his own people. Schools are opening, hospitals are treating the sick, women are being treated with respect, and water, electricity and sewer are being provided to villages (by private enterprises) that have not had these necessities in decades. Ms. Hurst should get her facts right.

Regarding Louisiana, news reports have stated that the fault was as much the mayor and governor’s as anyone’s. They rejected warnings and the offer of assistance prior to Katrina making landfall. While in New Orleans last week, I observed homes being repaired, businesses reopening and people shopping.

Regarding immigration, both parties are equally guilty, not just Mr. Bush. I suggest she investigate how Al Gore came into his wealth (Occidental Petroleum/Hooker Chemical) before she rants about Bush. Writing a rhetorical letter that a second grader could debunk shows her lack of intelligence. Contrarily speaking, the damage to this country is done by people like her.

Mike Dowdy

Nation won’t recover soon from Bush presidency

To The Daily: Re: Paula Hurst’s great letter to the editor.

Without forethought of the affect on our country, our current administration has made many unwise decisions. Our gas prices continue to soar and the government does nothing. Our leaders continue getting richer and won’t stop the oil companies from gouging gas prices. The working man struggles while paying for Washington’s wealth. This administration has lost sight of the foundation our country was built upon. Our country is suffering thanks to the Bush administration, and is unlikely to recover for several years.

Bill Clinton, as were many of our past presidents, lacked good moral character; however, Mr. Clinton as commander in chief gained us the respect of most nations around the world. During his tenure he brought our country out of the red and into the black. It remained that way, with great financial position, during his term in office. Currently our budget and financial position under the Bush administration is disgraceful.

Decisions affecting the country should be made for all and not just a few, selfishly and hypocritically placing us in harm’s way. Unless our country is invited or asked to help by any country, we should not be there in the first place.

Our soldiers fighting for us on foreign soil have no valid reason to be there except for the untruths and misguided judgments we were expected to believe by our current administration. Our losses are many as our troops are in harm’s way every day as human targets. This will continue as more troops are sent based solely on vengeance and lies. Those wounded and killed gave their all for this country, and may this not have been in vain. God bless them and their families and God bless America.

W. Margie Dumas

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