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THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2007


Defense attorney praised criminal, vilified good guy

To The Daily: On May 17, I attended the sentencing of Samuel Sanders on misdemeanor cruelty to animals and falsifying a police report convictions. Considering one gentleman who was sentence to 121/2 years walked away with only probation, I don’t feel too bad about Mr. Sanders’ sentence.

What upset me was that defense attorney Scott Anderson could attack, lie about and allude to improper actions on the part of an upstanding member/leader of the community, while singing the praises of a convicted criminal.

That is exactly what happened at Mr. Sanders’ sentencing. His grandmother was allowed to speak as long as she wanted about what a perfect grandson she has. Mr. Anderson spoke of what a fine citizen Mr. Sanders is and that the only reason Mr. Sanders was in court was because Dr. Steve Osborne inflated the situation to make it appear that what Mr. Sanders did was more important than it was.

Mr. Anderson then attacked my husband’s character over and over and no one was allowed to speak on his behalf. Shame on Mr. Anderson for doing that, while quoting from the Bible and praising himself for being a good Christian. Shame on Judge Sherrie Paler for allowing him to do that.

Lucky’s trial is over and life goes on, but if we live in a society that allows criminals to be praised, and responsible, good people to be vilified, we are lost. Many of the judges are elected by the public. Please vote for judges who are compassionate to the victim instead of the criminal. If we don’t elect fair and responsible judges, countless crimes will continue to go unpunished and the perpetrators of these crimes will be set free.

Finally, everyone should go spend a morning in court during sentencing — you will not believe what you see.

Kim Osborne

Uninformed liberals get it wrong — two times

To The Daily: Only a myopic, uninformed group of liberals could assign blame to other groups in articles that appeared in the May 19 Daily.

First: E-mailers are shown as the cause of a postal rate increase. A study of the facts shows two far more significant reasons. First, postal worker costs are out of control because of “no lay-off” clauses in the union contract even though workload has declined, and second, pay rates are uniform across the country. Workers in low-cost small towns receive the same rates as those in higher cost-of-living areas.

Second: Alabama and other Southern states should apologize for slavery. Please tell me why I and others should apologize when our ancestors fought in the Union Army. My great-grandfather, for instance, fought with distinction in the First Tennessee Mounted Cavalry. Alabamians also fought in numerous Union units. Let those who feel compelled by misplaced guilt to blubber; leave me out of it.

Franklin Johnson

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