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SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2007


President does nothing to get country out of mess

To The Daily: I read Paula Hurst’s letter on May 20, and the one from W. Margie Dumas on May 23 and they both expressed my sentiments exactly.

The present administration has this country in a big fat mess, and Mr. Bush is not going to do a thing about it. Why should he? He has only another year left and he doesn’t care.

Thelma Krueger

Negative Bush letter relies on emotion, not facts

To The Daily: Actually, I read with some amusement the letter from Paula L. Hurst about President Bush and her belief that he has been totally incompetent. Most of her comments were emotional rather than factual.

Concerning the Florida election, I am wondering who are these “buddies” on the Supreme Court who gave him the election. At that time, Mr. Bush had not appointed any judges to that body, so maybe she is talking about judges who were appointed by his father.

Where is her outrage toward the mayor of New Orleans or the governor of Louisiana in the days that followed the devastation caused by Katrina? I remember seeing the incompetence demonstrated by those two covered quite well in some of the news media. Even the federal government is not capable of handling a disaster of that magnitude. They will always throw millions of dollars at it, but if the money is not managed locally, it will be wasted.

When she (or anyone else) says we should not have gone into Iraq, it upsets me. What they are telling me is that Saddam and his two murderous sons should still rule the country. The torture chambers should still be in operation and the prisons should be full of innocent people. To some, I suppose, 800,000 dead Kurdish men, women and children under that regime was not enough.

According to some news media that I have read, watched or heard, the infrastructure is coming back in Iraq. In some places it is better than it was and in some places they now have electricity and clean water for the first time. Granted, I did not see much of that reported in the main network media, nor in the leading news media.

Isn’t this a great country that all of us can express our opinions?

Johnny H. Stamps

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