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SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 2007


Creation Museum well worth the 7-hour drive

To The Daily: This letter responds to the Associated Press article in the May 19 Decatur Daily regarding the petitions being circulated by an unnamed source to discourage parents from taking children to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. One unnamed source is the National Center for Science Education, headed by Dr. Eugenie Scott, a signer of Humanist Manifesto III. The Humanist thrust promulgates molecules-to-man evolution and opposes creationism. Dr. Scott apparently is oblivious to the creditable research by many Ph.D. creationist scientists, many of whom were evolutionists until, when confronted with the lack of evidence for evolution, they became disillusioned and changed directions.

The evidence presented at the Creation Museum is exactly the same evidence used by evolutionists: same universe, same plants, same apes and humans, same rocks and fossils. Why then the opposing conclusions? The difference lies in the interpretation of the evidence. All origins beliefs are based on one of two foundations — man’s reasoning or God’s word. Some try to combine the two in compromise but that is exactly what it is — compromise. True, the Bible is not intended to be a science textbook, but nothing the Bible says about science has ever been disproved. Through the years “science” has gradually caught up with Bible facts — one example, the “circle of the Earth” in Isaiah. On the other hand, many of the sensational evolution accounts that appear regularly in the media have been refuted or gradually disappear without the fanfare that accompanied the initial announcement.

The critics who scoff at the Creation Museum ought to visit it like my husband and I did recently. It was worth the seven-hour drive to join others who previewed this high-caliber museum before its May 28 grand opening.

Miriam Klopfenstein

Media: Evil or just stupid?

To The Daily: Over the years since we went into Iraq, I have talked to many of our military who have served in Iraq. All of them have said that the news media in America, whether print or broadcast, are the No. 1 enemies of this nation.

By reporting every negative statement from the members of Congress to the results of polls on the war, the news media constantly encourages the terrorists to keep killing our troops.

The real question is whether the news media reports all of these things because of brain-dead stupidity or because their goal is the destruction of America.

Edwin J. Slaten

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