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Bible says God is source of energy

To The Daily: In her “Parade” article, “The Secrets of Dark Energy,” Meg Urry calls the energy “dark” because we don’t directly see it. In other words, “dark” is code for “we have absolutely no idea what it is.”

Well, it seems that anyone who has a brain would look at the Holy Bible. On the first page you read, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” God is the energy Ms. Urry claims to have no clue about. Simple as all that.

Jane Bradford

Point Mallard Parkway dangerous in the rain

To The Daily: I realize this has been said before, but we have a silent killer in our midst; it’s called Alabama 67, or Point Mallard Parkway. The stretch between Priceville and Highway 31 is the scene of many a ghastly wreck, often deadly.

What appears to be a safe, wide road, turns into skidville at the first rain, and only gets worse the more it rains, as the water collects in indents on the roadway, where the tires normally ride. The majority of the accidents on this road are caused not by excessive speed, drinking or driver error; it’s hydroplaning. The speed limit is deceptive at 55 mph, because at anything above 40 or 45 mph, you will hydroplane even with new tires, and maybe only for a moment, but anyone who drives this road in the rain will agree.

The problem needs to be addressed. This doesn’t even take into account the dozens of wildlife killed on a roadway that crosses a wildlife refuge, but offers no pathways for the creatures to cross. It is a prime example of poor planning and cheap politics. Poor stewards of the Earth is what we prove to be, continually.

Armando de Quesada

Carrier’s deed appreciated by wife of burglary victim

To The Daily: I am writing to express thanks to one of your news couriers, Ms. Carolyn Johnson. Early on the morning of May 24, someone broke into my husband’s vehicle. During Ms. Johnson’s morning paper delivery, she noticed my husband’s wallet — including credit cards, photos, and his driver license — lying in the road. She was kind enough to take the time to stop, find out who the wallet belonged to, and bring it to our home.

We feel truly blessed and again want to extend our thanks to Ms. Johnson for her actions. We hope that everyone at The Decatur Daily recognizes what a wonderful person Ms. Johnson is.

Corrie Prickett

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