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FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2007


Don’t make non-smokers walk through gauntlet

To The Daily: I am writing this in response to the article written by Steve Stewart concerning public smoking. I would like to add that if the city or the state cannot ban public smoking in Alabama or its cities, the least they can do would be to properly segregate smokers from non-smokers.

In most restaurants, the smoking section comes before the non-smoking section. This causes non-smokers to have to walk the gauntlet through all the smoke in order to get to the non-smoking section.

Do people not have thinking abilities?

How much insight would be needed to figure out to put the smokers in the back?

Larry Jarrett
Town Creek

City should keep out of businesses’ business

To The Daily: Maybe we need to make Decatur “Ronny Russell free”! Who are these people trying to force their will on others? It should be up to business owners on how they want to run their businesses. Government has no business telling owners how to run their establishment.

With the way they want to control everything, maybe we should re-design or create a new Decatur flag and include a swastika or a hammer and sickle in the design — or maybe both.

And what about the penny tax the new folks promised to get rid of? Just another line.

I am a non-smoker, but I am pro-freedom. Maybe it time for folks to start thinking Libertarian.

Jerry West

Noise is just as much a health issue as smoke is

To The Daily: Ronny Russell has complained about the smoking in eating establishments and declares it is a “health issue.” It in fact is a health issue, and I stopped smoking Dec. 3, 1987. No, I don’t enjoy cigarette smoke when I am eating out either.

However, I have tried for more than five years to stop the noise from the neighborhood fairground.

Mr. Russell thinks it’s disruptive to have smoke in his face while he is trying to eat but he has ignored the pleas from the people in his district to stop the noise. The noise is very disruptive during the weekends and losing sleep is a health issue as well. It has done no good to go to City Council meetings, to contact the mayor, or the alleged chief of police, past or present.

We were told a noise ordinance was going to be presented to the City Council but that was nearly a year ago. If the City Council passes a smoking ordinance, it will be because the infamous three vote for it, and they could very easily pass a sound ordinance. The only reason they don’t is because they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do it.

I can assure you if it was near the mayor’s house or close to any of the other three, it would be passed in a heartbeat.

This is why we need to flush the entire City Council and mayor down the toilet next election.

I can assure the entire group, I will work very hard in every district to make this come to pass.

Aaron Potts

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