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Yankees-Red Sox rivalry vital for all true baseball fans

To The Daily: Re Josh Cooper’s “My opinion” in the June 2 sports section: Mr. Cooper doesn’t think anyone outside Boston and New York is interested in the rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees.

This is the oldest rivalry in baseball and he calls it an “afterthought.”

True baseball fans will watch these two teams every time the game is televised.

Call me a true baseball fan.

Barbara Hartselle

County residents hate junk, debris

To The Daily: I would like to commend The Daily in leading the crusade to beautify Decatur, but also remind you that residents of rural Morgan County have the desire to live free of filth and blight as well. I know you did a couple of stories on the junk in Lacey’s Spring earlier this year, but could you also report on why our county officials won’t take action to clean up the county?

The limited home rule bill that was signed into law last year allows county commissions to institute rules governing junk, noise, weeds and trash if the people vote to give their commission such powers. Virtually all the counties surrounding Morgan have allowed their citizens to vote on the limited home rule act but, according to a comment made to me by Chairman John Glasscock, “We’re not doing that here.” Why not? The citizens of Morgan County should be given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want to give limited home rule powers to their county commission.

With the money and effort expended to attract BRAC families to our area, you would think presenting the most attractive face possible would be of paramount concern to our officials. Unfortunately, that appears to not be the case for more than one of our Morgan County officials.

Although not reported in your paper, District 4 Commissioner Stacy George attended a meeting of the Arab City Council two weeks ago. He went there to complain that Arab police officers were issuing junk citations to Morgan County citizens living inside Arab’s police jurisdiction.

His argument was that Morgan County citizens should be allowed to be as junky and trashy as they want, without interference from anyone, and he threatened legal action against Arab if it continued.

Sadly, that explains a lot.

Linda Drzycimski
Lacey’s Spring

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