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SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2007


Partisanship prominent in red-state Alabama

To The Daily: Alabama is a very big Republican state. Why would the people of The Daily poll vote to send this great man (former Gov. Don Siegelman) to prison?

Where do they think the majority of the politicians get money from? They get their money from rich people just like Richard Scrushy. Mr. Siegelman did what other politicians have done, which was to take his campaign money and give Mr. Scrushy something in return. Mr. Siegelman could have given Mr. Scrushy a position on that board without his donation. He is a very smart man, anyway.

Do any of you remember Don Siegelman when he saved 500 to 1,000 jobs for the people at Delphi by asking the state for money to buy the machine we needed to keep our jobs? Then most people at Delphi voted against him for governor. How soon we forget what people have done for us.

Don Siegelman is a good man, but if you are a Democrat, you are nothing to the majority of the Republicans. I am not like that at all. I think Sen. Arthur Orr is doing
a very good job and I am a die-hard Democrat.

Neeley Gray

Proposed smoking ban an issue of freedom

To The Daily: I am 75 years old, have never smoked, and donít plan to start. Through the years I have suffered my share of second-hand smoke in restaurants, trains, buses, hotel lobbies, and the workplace. I never enjoyed a moment of it. I often wondered how smokers, many of them my good friends, could be so inconsiderate.

But this issue of banning smoking in public places is not one of health, or business or whatís best for us all. Thatís not what itís all about.

Itís about Americans surrendering more of their fundamental rights as Americans and to allow government decide whatís best for us. You are, or once were, a free people. You are no longer free as I was when I was a child. Today, on every turn, you are hamstrung by laws and regulations that govern your daily lives. You donít need the government to tell you how to live your lives. Now, some petty politician, unknown to almost all of us, thinks he knows better than we do whatís best for us.

You should reject this proposed restriction on your lives. Councilman Ronny Russell should read more American history.

Perry D. Walker

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