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TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2007


Bible explains world, not other way around

To The Daily: In his article “Jurassic Park meets Noah’s Ark,” the Rev. James Evans made a few points I would like to politely comment on.

Many scientists think evolution is science and creation according to the Bible is not. To be science, something must be observed, demonstrated and repeatable. Creation and evolution are beliefs people hold to for the beginning of the Earth.

Many scientists believe dinosaurs and people lived at the same time because of Genesis 1. Genesis 1:31 states, “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good ...” If dinosaurs lived before God created man, there would have been pain, death, and suffering. If this had happened, how could God look at all he created and call it good? It was after the fall in the Garden of Eden that sin came into the world.

I agree that a day in God’s eyes may be more that 24 hours. However, the article suggested the six days of creation were not actual 24-hour days. The Hebrew word for “day” is “Yom.” “Yom” can mean an actual 24-hour day or a period of time. In the Old Testament, whenever “Yom” is used with a number or the words “morning,” “evening” or “night,” “Yom” means a 24-hour day. When this is compared with Genesis 1, we find that every day is a 24-hour day.

If God inspired people to write the Bible, then he would not have them write something false about the Earth. I believe in reading the Bible literally, in context, and believe it’s God’s infallible, inspired word.

We should look “through” the Bible to explain the world, instead of looking at the world and explaining the Bible. When people use the Bible to explain the world, all the facts fit the Bible.

Josh Pittman

Bird watcher: Tour was ‘experience of a lifetime’

To The Daily: My friends and I had the experience of a lifetime in the Decatur-Guntersville area. What a wonderful way to show off your beautiful region.

The Decatur-Morgan County Convention and Visitors Bureau and all the cooperating agencies, like the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, really pulled together a dynamite team and put on a spectacular program for birders from all over the United States. All the guides were so knowledgeable, so accommodating and so willing to share their wealth of experience with everyone.

Thanks for an experience of a lifetime. We’ll never forget it — especially being buzzed by a large daddy bald eagle.

Dorothy E. Weiss

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