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Metzger’s stance ignores obvious

To The Daily: I was shocked this morning when I read the headlines that Councilman Ray Metzger said he was opposed to the widening of Spring Avenue from Cedar Lake Road to Day Road Southwest. Does he have his head in the sand, or somewhere else? Has he no vision at all for the future growth of Decatur? Does he want to maintain a negative growth rate for Decatur? Does he wear blinders like a field animal?

The building that is going on behind St Ann’s School will continue to add more cars to Spring Avenue. St. Ann’s School has added a lot of cars to Spring Avenue. The relocation of Heritage Christian Academy to Vestavia Drive will add many more cars to Spring Avenue. As Hartselle continues to grow it will add more cars to Spring Avenue as they go to Vestavia Drive, where they turn and cut through to Danville Road.

I know the widening of Spring Avenue will put Spring Avenue very close to Mr. Metzger’s personal home, but he knew that when he bought it. I personally think he is letting his personal property get in the way of what is in the best interest of all Decatur. Take off your blinders Mr. Metzger and look at the whole picture.

It really disturbed me when he said that there were a lot of other roads that should be a higher priority, but when asked where they were he could not name any of them.

Mr. Metzger, either represent the people who elected you, or step aside so someone can be appointed who has more vision for the future growth of Decatur than you do.

John W. Brandon

Libby,Siegelman and Sandy Berger

To The Daily: This is in reference to your editorial comparing Scooter Libby and Don Siegelman and the sentences they received. I think we need to add Sandy Berger to this mix. This man was the national security advisor in the Clinton administration. You made a statement in your editorial that the Libby case directly affected the Iraq War. First of all, I doubt that this had very little effect on the Iraq War.

Now as we bring in Sandy Berger, what he did most likely was hide the truth on what happened concerning the 9/11 attack. I consider taking documents from the archives, hiding them, and then destroying some of them to be very serious. There is a quote that comes out frequently concerning Richard Nixon. “What did he know and when did he know it?” The question now is what did Bill Clinton know and when did he know it? What was hidden in those documents? Could 9/11 have been avoided? Osama Bin Laden had the eight years of the Clinton administration to build his network and plan not only the 9/11 attacks but others that were carried out. Four of them were serious.

Sandy Berger should have to give a full account as to what was in those documents. He only received a $50,000 fine. Of course, we know that Bill Clinton’s network of people have been covering up for him since he was in Arkansas. I doubt that we will see any changes in this strategy in the future and this includes his wife, Hillary.

Robert A. Bryant

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