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City should lead by example, not intimidation

To The Daily: Congratulations are in order to The Daily for its series of articles concerning blighted properties. It is a valuable service to be able to examine ourselves as others may see us. We should all have enough pride in ourselves and in our city to keep it as pleasantly maintained as possible.

I do think we could do better if the city was not the antagonistic control on this issue. Perhaps we could do a better job of keeping our properties maintained through motivation and not intimidation.

Why can the city not understand that it cannot motivate private property owners to keep their property maintained if the city does not? Here is something interesting: Property owners can be penalized by the city if they fail to meet the city’s expectations. Shouldn’t the city be “at risk” for similar sanctions when it fails to meet our expectations?

Unfortunately, Decatur’s mindset of “spin control” and defense of its own actions (regardless of how illegal or inappropriate) will probably prove too difficult to overcome.

Charles M. Kirby

Daily should do more to remember D-Day invasion

To The Daily: Shame on you, Decatur Daily, for not covering the remembrance of D-Day (June 6) in your paper. How quickly we forget. The only reference I saw was in the cartoon “Mallard Fillmore” and a short clip in “What Happened on This Date.” The landing on Normandy was an event that should never be forgotten.

I had an uncle who was one of those soldiers who survived that horrific attack and for years, never spoke about it because of the horrors that took place. He always called himself “just a soldier, fighting for freedom.” On that one day alone, 4,000 Americans and Allies lost their lives.

We, as parents, should be teaching (and talking) with our children about the historical events that led us to the freedoms we so graciously use each and every day.

Sharon Beach

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