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SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2007


Confusing scientific facts with faith damages both

To The Daily: Gravity is not just a good thing; itís the law. Two plus two equals four.

Those who believe that the universe is only a few thousand years old and that dinosaurs existed at the same time as man might as well say that gravity only works part of the time and that two plus two equals five. Same thing. The world we live in is complex and interconnected. The implications of a 6,000-year-old world quickly lead to contradictions with things like the law of gravity and basic math.

Faith is wonderful. We all need help dealing with births, deaths and all the events in between. We all make mistakes. We are all going to die. Faith gives us a way to bring meaning and comfort to our lives that we canít get anywhere else.

The laws of our universe are very strict and, well, universal. We may not understand them all yet, but the 10-plus billion year age of the universe is as solid as the law of gravity. To deny this fact makes us look foolish and tarnishes the luster of our faith.

Joe Blackburn

Nuclear plant vulnerability a complex financial issue

To The Daily: Eric Fleischauerís article on Browns Ferryís vulnerability contained a number of dishonest assertions of risk.

No doubt you got many letters trying to explain the subtle and unsubtle deceits involved. Let me try to short-circuit that.

I donít know Decatur, but am confident someone has died there in the past 10 years from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The fuels whose choked combustion yield carbon monoxide are heavily taxed. Every spent nuclear fuel cache, everywhere in the world, throughout history, seems to have done no similar harm to anyone.

Nuclear fuel replaces fuels that produce oxides of carbon at less than five cents on the dollar, and are not heavily taxed.

Carbon monoxide deaths are, therefore, lucrative for the tax man, and their pre-vention by nuclear substitution is costly to him.

Attempts to suggest the first similar death in a nuclear context might happen someday fairly soon must be suspected of being attempt to obscure this.

G.R.L. Cowan
Cobourg, Ontario Canada

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