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TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2007


Veterans plan to improve seating at memorial service

To The Daily: In response to Joyce Engle’s letter concerning our memorial service at Roselawn Cemetery, I appreciate Ms. Engle’s attendance and concern. As to the seating arrangement, I also agree. We can do better to show more respect to our elderly citizens.

As a two-time commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a member of the American Legion, I pledge to work for a change and make it more comfortable for our honored guests. The oversight was certainly not intentional and was not a reflection of our thoughts. Constructive comments or criticism are welcome. It will make us better people and patriots.

I hope Ms. Engle and her friends will attend next year.

William M. Schlangen

Native Americans deserve apology and recognition

To The Daily: I just wanted to send a quick line concerning Mr. Phillip Chenault’s letter printed in the Monday (June 11) issue of The Daily.

I feel the Native Americans deserve an apology for the treatment they have received in the past and even today by Alabama. I am half Creek Indian. My father is a full-blooded Indian. He is three-quarters Creek and one-quarter Cherokee.

I have been trying for seven years to be recognized as an Indian. There is no longer a place on your birth record for anything but black, white or “other.” I had white removed and now I’m listed as “other.” I want my birth record to say that I am a Native American Indian. What is wrong with this?

Also, the Creek nation is not even being recognized as being a separate nation of its own. That is wrong also.

Donna Gurliaccio

DHS football alumni will continue to meet, share

To The Daily: On Aug. 2, at the Holiday Inn in Decatur, the fellowship of “Shorty’s Boys” will meet at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast and to talk football. All past players and managers from 1933-1947 who played at Benson Field and from 1948-1963 who played at Ogle Stadium are invited to attend this fellowship. Conley Duncan of Crimson Tide fame will be our guest speaker for the August meeting. We will continue to meet each month through February 2008.

From 1933 at Benson Field, until H.L. “Shorty” Ogle coached his last game at Ogle Stadium in 1963, he won 253, lost 73, and tied nine football games. The fellowship of these teammates continues in remembrance of those days when we laughed, cried, played and worked together. Each year, for 31 years, Coach would build a group of Decatur’s ordinary athletes into an extraordinary football team. This fellowship continues today as a tribute to our coach, teacher and friend who taught us how to follow and how to lead.

“Shorty’s Boys” look back and find happiness in those golden memories of times past when we represented, with class, Decatur High School. Friday nights at Benson Field with the stadium packed with 2,500 fans whose loyalty will never be surpassed will never be forgotten. The same is true for Friday nights with 10,000 at Ogle Stadium where “Shorty’s Boys” gave our town many a thrill for the loyalty of Decatur’s all to Red and Black football.

We stand today as citizens, thankful for the lessons taught on leadership, workmanship and fellowship.

We look forward with the hope that “Shorty’s Boys” continue to promote the Red and Black, “Jere Adcock’s Boys,” as they demonstrate pride, maintain tradition and pursue excellence.

Charles E. Riley
Captain, “Shorty’s Boys,” 2007-08

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