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Was consumer editorial sarcastic or serious?

To The Daily: I hope you were just talking tongue-in-cheek when you wrote the editorial (June 15) praising the nutcase judge for suing for millions over a missing pair of pants.

Part of the problem in this country now is the number of frivolous lawsuits that get filed and settled each and every day. My company was once sued after saving a womanís life after two men attacked her. The attorney for the plaintiff explained to me that there was no choice, the men who went to prison had no money. Our insurance company settled for $400,000.

Suits such as these waste our time and our courtsí time and cause our insurance rates to go up as a result. Look at the signs you see posted at gas stations, super markets, everywhere — warning about the dangers of drinking gasoline or slipping and falling. Each one of these was the result of a lawsuit filed and pressed by someone like this nutty judge/lawyer looking for a court to award him millions for a missing pair of pants.

You wonít see this in other countries; they donít allow this to happen. I hope you were kidding.

Peary Perry
Austin, Texas

Focus on TVA vulnerability example of good reporting

To The Daily: Normally Iíll read news articles without ever noticing the journalistís name. However, when I find a story that is well-written, has an interesting slant or is simply good reporting, Iíll turn back to see whoís on their game.

Once again, I see that Eric Fleischauer was behind some solid journalism in the June 10 headline article.

You scared me to death by exposing to the world that ďBrowns Ferry (is) vulnerable to attack.Ē Still, you have to assume that terrorists could uncover the same lapse of security with or without Ericís article.

Iím glad The Dailyís editors were brave enough to bring this story out in the open.

I just hope it scared TVA as much as it did me.

Joel McWhorter

Ineffective legislators frustrate councilman

To The Daily: The last two weeks have been an embarrassment to everyone in Alabama. We have senators punching each other and a lot of legislation not passed.

We elect our senators and representatives to do the will of the areas they represent. The punch was bad enough, but my two guys? I donít know.

I live in Priceville, so I have state Rep. Mickey Hammon and state Sen. Arthur Orr. Rep. Hammon is too worried about the Mexicans in our midst, versus the needs of the rest of us. Sen. Orr has joined the losers in the Senate organization.

When we were children, if you were on the losing end, you did what the winners say. You did not act like a third-grade schoolgirl. They need to do what they were elected to do, which is to represent Morgan County and not their party bosses.

I can be reached at the Priceville City Hall at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.

See you there.

Tim Crow

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