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Suggestion for further improving traffic flow

To The Daily: Kudos to the city for improving the intersection of Spring Avenue and Beltline. Traffic is really flowing much better now.

One more thing is needed. People still insist on making a left turn from Spring Avenue east onto Wimberly Drive. A few well-placed concrete dividers like they use in highway construction and medians would definitely discourage these law-breakers at much lower cost than assigning policemen to patrol the intersection.

Jerry Woodward

Immigration bill benefits illegals, special interests

To The Daily: The newly revived immigration bill is designed only to benefit illegal aliens and special-interest groups, particularly those serving illegal Mexican nationals and much of the Mexican-American population in America.

Police cannot arrest someone simply for being an illegal alien. Arrested illegal aliens cannot be deported until their amnesty application has been adjudicated or until they commit an act rendering them ineligible for amnesty. Special-interest groups are working hard to have the list of punishable offenses shortened.

Border guards have been stripped of their rights to do their jobs, as proven in the case of the two serving jail time for shooting a repeat-offender Mexican drug runner, who is now an American citizen. Supposedly, additional border guards and security technology will be funded by the proceeds from illegal aliensí fines, not due until year eight of their having been here after the bill passes. How many of these low-wage workers will actually pay? By year eight, they will have several American citizen children, through whom they can have their cake and eat it, too.

Weak assimilation and English-language requirements change nothing in requiring illegal aliens to fully participate in the American lifestyle. These individuals already isolate themselves linguistically and culturally. If the bill passes, immigrants can continue to demand communications in any language. Additionally, the bill provides for age and disability exceptions for learning English. Translation and interpretation currently costs about $3 billion a year.

The approximately 10,000 illegal aliens coming to America daily are almost exclusively uneducated, semi-literate, low-income manual laborers uninterested in becoming real Americans. They seek only to serve their desire for goods and services funded by the American middle class. This bill only encourages the importation of poverty. Itís not even worth lining a kennel with it.

Carmen Callahan

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