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SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2007


Ambulance situation bad for residents of Decatur

To The Daily: There’s a popular song by a musical group that says “Same ol’ story, same ol’ song and dance my friend.” That’s just what the citizens of Decatur continue to get from the ill-thought decisions of our City Council. By the city’s own admission, the present ambulance service is the worst for the city, yet it continues to be unable to give the citizens of Decatur the best possible service available.

By their own admission (and I quote a couple of statements from a recent Daily article), “Seven months after its panel concluded that Decatur EMS was the worst of six ambulance services seeking to do business in Decatur, the Emergency Medical Services Committee on Wednesday recommended that it remains the only option for Decatur residents” and “Underlying the debate is a longstanding city policy that Decatur’s ambulance needs are served
best with a government-protected monopoly.”

What about the needs of the citizens of Decatur? I don’t know about anyone else, but if I had seven months to make a business decision for the better of the entity I work for, and all I could come up with was the worst option, my company would fire me.

Do we live in a democracy or a dictatorship? The latter would seem to fit the current thought pattern of our City Council. The elected leaders of the council seem to forget it was the citizens who elected and trusted them to bring the city the best services possible, not the worst.

I do not need the council or any government entity telling me what is best for me or my family’s health care, especially when, by their own admission, the best they are going to provide me is the worst I could get.

Steve Escue

Some sections of Sherman Street get more attention

To The Daily: We have been told for almost a year that we could have a speed hump in the middle of the 1600 block of Sherman Street because they have clocked cars at 80 mph on the block between Somerville Road and 19th Avenue. Look at Sherman Street from Sixth Avenue to Somerville Road. There are speed bumps on every block and four-way stops at each intersection.

We are proud of our part of Sherman Street and we have tried to be involved, but it seems to be to no avail.

Glenn Werdebaugh

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