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SUNDAY, JULY 1, 2007


Smoke drifts, harming health of nonsmokers

To The Daily: Second-hand smoke is as big a killer as the oneís doing the smoking.

Businesses that allow smoking/nonsmoking sections donít do it very well. Go to the Waffle House and try to eat in the nonsmoking area. It is an open area and the smoke wafts all the way through the building.

There are many other businesses that do the same and the restaurant layout does little to protect nonsmokers. Iím sure that smokers can wait to finish eating and then go outside to smoke on the way home.

Iím a former smoker and I never could, and still cannot, stand smoking while Iím trying to eat.

No wonder Alabama is in 49th place in almost everything we do. Come on Alabama, wake up, and letís go for 48th place.

Michael E. Wascom

Nonsmokers should avoid places that allow smoking

To The Daily: I am so sick of these people thinking that nobody but the City Council members can make a decision. Why not let the business owners make their own choice?

These self-righteous idiots want their way, not fairness. These people are cutting into othersí rights to make choices. What about the business ownersí right to choose what happens in their business? Many smoking people may not go into a business that clearly posts no smoking. Why canít those who donít smoke just not go into places that allow smoking, and stop trying to push their views on us?

Last time I checked, this was America. Not wanting to compromise isnít fair.

Freedom isnít just standing up for the things you like; itís the stuff you donít like, too.

Cherilyn Childress

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