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SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2007


Immigration an issue for federal government

To The Daily: I read with dismay where our elected leaders spend their time in the summer. State Rep. Mickey Hammon on illegals. Imagine that. Instead of working for the things we need in Morgan County, like more money for schools, roads, health care and police protection, we are talking about illegals.

The last time I checked, this is the job of the federal government. The laws are on the books and all we have to do is enforce them. The laws have not been enforced for years. This is both a Democratic and Republican problem. They are here but the government will not round them up and send them back. They donít have the guts. The issue is how are we going to go forward? If they are here, let them work, and tax them just like rest of us. Now they donít pay taxes and cost us millions in indigent health care that citizens pay.

I think George W. Bush is probably going to go down as one of the worst presidents in history, but he was probably right on his immigration bill. Too bad.

Tim Crow

More serious issues than smoking in public places

To The Daily: In response to smoking in public places.

As I was shopping at a retailer on Spring Avenue and the Beltline, I stopped in the sporting goods section to purchase a fishing license. I was in line behind two Hispanic males who were having the worst time telling the clerk what they needed. They could not speak English. Finally, one of the customers walked behind the counter to pick out what they wanted: a shotgun and rifle shells. About $100 worth. I just thought it was strange since itís not hunting season.

Anyway, they paid the clerk and off they went with only the speech barrier for a problem. I told the clerk I needed a fishing license. He said he needed to see my driver license. I showed him my license and he entered the information into the computer. Then he asked for my Social Security number. I asked why he needed it. He mentioned something about tracking down deadbeat dads. Anyway, I gave my Social Security number and began to think. The customers in front of me bought rounds and rounds of ammunition, didnít speak English and had no identification. I try and go catch a fish and I need a driver license and a Social Security number.

I was born and raised in Alabama and this is what Iím subjected to. I wonder, if I went to Mexico or Canada with no identification, if I could purchase $100 worth of ammunition? This country needs to think about where it is headed. I feel if you donít have identification, then you shouldnít be able to buy ammunition. There are things worse than smoking in public places that need to be handled first. What does it mean to be an illegal immigrant in the United States? My answer: ďBetter off.Ē

Jack Gressman

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