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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2007


Troopers assisted motorist in trouble

To The Daily: On June 8, I was traveling home to Alabama from Mississippi on U.S. 72. I was by myself and pulling a boat and trailer behind my pickup, when I had a blowout on a trailer tire while I was in Colbert County. I pulled over and prepared to change the tire, when I was almost immediately joined by not one or two, but three Alabama troopers.

They worked together and changed my tire without any help from me.

Although I’ve been a truck driver for most of my life and could have changed that tire with no problem, I am thankful they chose to stop and help me that day.

I am a senior citizen, I was alone, the temperature was in the 90s and it was during busy Friday afternoon traffic on a major four-lane highway.

Thanks again to those unknown State Troopers.

Virgil Jones

DNA testing protects innocent, convicts guilty

To The Daily: Thank you for publishing the editorial that asked the question:

“Why would a state want to execute anybody when even a shred of uncertainty exists about his guilt?”

One answer may be that our local, state and federal governments have been very quick to ask us to trust them at the expense of our civil liberties and very slow to admit errors or institute changes that might expose flaws and errors in process and judgment.

When DNA testing can be employed to protect the innocent and convict the guilty, it must be. To do anything less is an inexcusable miscarriage of justice that mocks the greatness of our nation.

I respectfully ask the governor to stay the execution of Darrell Grayson so DNA testing can be carried out.

Gregory Lang
Ceddar Key, Fla.

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