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Lawmakers promote corporate welfare, workers suffer

To The Daily: Limestone County Commissioner David Siebert said, ďItís not the union, itís not local management. It is corporate management at Delphi. They havenít played fair.Ē Wake up America. We are electing officials at both the state and national level who are selling out this country and the American worker. Alabama invested $11 million in Delphi in 2002 for investment in high tech equipment. What restrictions were imposed on Delphi in return for this? In all probability that money was funneled out and used to purchase the equipment for the new Chinese operation, or they shipped out the old equipment to China to get started and will now ship the equipment purchased to replace it.

Our legislators have sold us Americans a bill of goods. The free trade agreements have not worked at all to our advantage, but only to the advantage of the multinational corporation. Our bankruptcy laws stink, when outfits can legally steal the assets of their U.S. operations, establish overseas operations and have those assets protected from bankruptcy.

When a country such as ours claims it cannot afford national health care but can afford to pay corporate welfare, something is wrong. The American people deserve better.

Plain and simple, it is time to make corporate welfare illegal, period, both at the state and national level. This welfare is being paid for at the expense of the American people and promotes corruption in both government and business at our expense.

Philip H. Devole Jr.

Motherís neighbors were a blessing in time of need

To The Daily: Due to health problems, we recently moved my mom, Faye Pledger, to Michigan to live with me. I have a very demanding job and limited time. Therefore, I had to come down and pack as much as I could of Momís prized possessions and furniture in a truck and head back to Michigan, all in just four days. On top of that, we received a call from our Realtor that Momís townhouse in Park Place had a purchaser and we would have to close within a couple of weeks.

My motherís beautiful neighbor, Wimbreth Howard, immediately called and said she would help. She asked her good friend, Maggie Bowen, to assist her in organizing a garage sale to sell my motherís furniture, etc. As they began to work, my motherís other neighbor, Liz Griffin, came over to help. These three ladies spent more than 40 hours getting my momís house ready for sale. Wimbreth even put chairs in her truck and delivered them to the purchasers.

When we asked how we could repay them, the answer we received was, ďJust give us your love.Ē These three ladies took so much pressure off me. I was producing a trade show in Ohio and didnít know how I could handle additional responsibilities. Their kindness will never, ever be forgotten and they will always and forever have our love. This is truly a wonderful expression of neighbors helping neighbors. We are so fortunate to count these beautiful people as our friends and wanted everyone in Decatur to know about the three wonderful ladies of Park Place.

Cathy Wilson
South Lyon, Mich.

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