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FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2007


‘Mayberry-ville’ not a bad place (except for litter)

To The Daily: A former Alabama resident recently asked me, “Do you still get The Daily?” He went on to say the motto had impressed him many years ago and he still remembered it. He is 80 now.

The reason I am writing is because I really differ with the folks at Claritas Inc., even though they attempted to be lighthearted. What makes Decatur a “Mayberry-ville” place is not to be ridiculed. Folks need a gentler, somewhat quieter place to keep the soul from exploding. If one wants an upscale place to dine, or whatever, it is easily reached from Decatur.

Take Olive Garden, for example. Just about any day, it is crowded and drivers are blowing their tops, trying to find parking places around the upscale dining place. People in Decatur can use their discretionary cash to eat anywhere, at whatever place they want, and then retire to a pleasant atmosphere, away from the rush of upscale living.

I adore the menu at Olive Garden. I like to shop at Macy’s. But, if living close to the “rat race” is required, I’ll just visit and thank the quietude of Decatur for a place to come back to.

But, I wish the residents and visitors to Decatur would be more thoughtful of the land. The litter around here is disgusting. We need to prove we’re a few steps above junkville. If I were in charge of locating an upscale something or another, I’d have to reconsider Decatur, only on the basis of litter.

Jane Bradford

Fringe Democrats welcome defeat, blame America

To The Daily: After being bemused and befogged over the dialogue of the fringe left Democrats, what do they think we’re supposed to do in a time of war? Take it on the chin and retreat. In the eyes and mouths of the fringe left and secular progressives, there are no bad guys inflicting terror on our country. They’re just misunderstood people who strap dynamite on their bodies and fly airplanes into buildings to make a statement. (That statement is “Destroy America.”)

The bad guys are us. It’s the blame-America decade. Sen. Harry “This war is lost” Reid is the same man who said it was all right to welcome undocumented Americans across the border. By any other name, they would still be illegal aliens. Presidential candidate John Edwards says, “The War on Terror is just a bumper sticker slogan.”

I wonder what all the people on the front lines think about this kind of talk. Don’t forget that woman who would sell her soul to the devil to become president: Sen. Hillary Clinton. “This is George Bush’s war.” If it is, then why did she vote for it? If you listen to her, this country would be hobnobbing with defeat.

It is a sign of the times that people downgrade our military and appease the enemy.

First and foremost, this country has come to the aid of more impoverished, dictatorial countries than anyone could count, and on the spur of the moment.

In a furious frenzy, the fringes and secular progressives vilify this country like it’s the worst place on the planet. They can say what they want, they are fully covered by freedom of speech, the same as I am.

But, I agree with Abraham Lincoln, “America is indeed, the last, best hope of mankind.”

Jimmy Robinson

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