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America is in a war with Islam

To The Daily: Thank you for your (June 26) editorial “Muslim reaction a disgrace to Islam.” I strongly feel that we must meet this problem head-on if we expect to have any success in it.

I personally feel we as a nation are at war with Islam. I know it goes against the grain to go against another faith, but when you go to any depth, you will find that Islam is at war with us.

For instance, some five or six years ago, I saw on national television one who was billed as the leading cleric in the United States make the prediction that their expectation that Islam would not be equal with Christianity as the religion in America, but would be the religion in America. Last month, I saw what appeared to be plaques made by Imams that said, “We will raise our flag over Washington. We will raise our flag over London, over Jordan, Saudi Arabia,” etc.

Coupled with that, I’m reading a book, “Extreme Devotion: The Voice of the Martyrs,” and every instance of persecution, from putting eyes out and other tortures, including death, it was always Muslims who were the persecutors. Always.

We as a nation have never faced anything like this. The president isn’t my favorite president, but he has consistently warned us of what we face. I feel he is right and whoever is elected president will also face this problem and the man from North Carolina will find the war on terrorism is not a “bumper sticker.”

Carlos L. Cook

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