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TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2007


War in Iraq promotes terrorism, not democracy

To The Daily: I am writing concerning the recent interim report on Iraq, which reveals that, of the 18 benchmarks publicized last year, the Iraqi government has satisfied only eight. Last year, these were goals the administration was certain could be met.

A year later, it seems they cannot manage to meet even half of those goals.

Compound this fact with the recent report that al-Qaida has regained the same level of strength it had before Sept. 11, and it becomes apparent that this is a failing effort.

This is a war that should never have happened. A reasonable person should be able to discern truth from fiction.

We’re not fighting terrorism there, we’re creating it.

We’ve been in Iraq a long time. Our troops are being politically manipulated. Brave warriors of our society are being fed to the fire.

All for what? So the Iraqi people can have “democracy”?

Maybe we should have asked them (Iraqis) first. Terrorism cannot be defeated with terrorism. It takes diplomacy, and real statesmen, to diffuse and defeat terror.

Armando de Quesada

Another opinion about low taxes

To The Daily: This is in response to the July 11 editorial. You imply that Alabama having the lowest taxes is not a good thing.

Everyone who thinks they should give more of their own money to the government, raise your hands. I thought so.

Everyone who thinks their government is responsible with their money (think local government department e-mails, Alabama Fire College, Roger Bedford, the Marx Brothers, etc.), raise your hands. I thought so.

Thank you, Decatur Daily, for revealing your liberal standing.

Bill Beasley

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