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Dictators running show at Decatur City Council

To The Daily: While in high school, remember reading about the fascist governments of Germany and Italy? Well welcome to Decatur, where Adolf Hitler (Billy Jackson), Hideki Tojo (David Bolding), and Benito Mussolini (Ronny Russell) are the dictators who rule the majority of politics and local government. Gary Hammon and Ray Metzger are the only councilmen who have a resemblance of fair representation of city government.

Adolf Hitler tells the public there will only be three members from each side of the proposed ordinance to speak for three minutes each relative to smoking. If only one is making that decision, that is nothing more than a dictator. The other members should boycott the meeting and let him hear the meeting alone.

Mr. Hammon wants an alternate plan, but Adolf Hitler will not even allow it to be on the agenda. This is supposed to be a representation of the people, but to allow only 18 minutes for presentation from both sides is not a good representation of the matter. Adolf Hitler says, “It might take all night to hear both sides.” Well, so what if it does? If the job is too much for him, resign. Other things in the city that bother other people are never addressed unless it affects one of the three directly. The vote is a “done deal” since Adolf has his mind made up, Mussolini has already said he supports it and Tojo was the one who brought up the subject, and to remind everyone they all vote alike on everything, what’s the sense of wasting everyone’s time?

This whole governing body is a total joke and the only ones laughing are the three who run the place. That will last only one more year. If this ordinance passes, everyone should eat outside the city until the businesses bring these three clowns to their knees!

Oh, by the way — I’m a non smoker.

Aaron Potts

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