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‘Fairness Doctrine’ is a socialist Democrat plot

To The Daily: Today our freedom of choice is under attack. We as a people are unable to have the soundness of mind to turn the channel or scan the airwaves on our radios. To hear these National Socialistic Democrats in Washington say it, “we are not receiving both sides of the issue.” They claim all these “Red-State Hayseed Conservative Christians” are not hearing their issues, even if we don’t have the gray matter to understand them.

“Well then,” you ask, “what’s a National Socialist Democrat to do?” Just get big government to fix the problem and force their European utopian ideas down our throats by enforcing “The Fairness Doctrine.” Socialists then can dictate their propaganda with the hope of reprogramming us to their view. Because after all, we are nothing but a bunch of “Hayseed Conservative Christians.” Nevertheless this law would stop the freedom of speech on the radio.

Just how would this shut down “Conservative Radio?” If this is made into a law the American Civil Liberties Union will call in every station that is syndicated and claim equal time. The radio stations will soon be forced to close down because of the lack of listeners, which in radioland means lack of advertisers. These advertisers pay for radio spots, which keep the radio stations alive.

Should Christian conservatives be alarmed at what happens to conservative radio? The answer is “yes.” We need to be aware of how the ACLU works along with these National Socialist Democrats. Why you ask? Because Christian radio is next to be controlled by “The Fairness Doctrine.” Just think of this the next time you listen to your favorite Christian radio station. Ask yourself what would it be like with a follow up from an atheist, Muslim, Mormon, Hindu, Wiccan or any other false doctrine?

Phillip M. Chenault

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