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Tell your city councilman how to vote on smoking

To The Daily: I read the ad in your newspaper in which Dr. Lane Price of the Decatur General Oncology Center asks us to tell our City Council members to make Decatur smoke-free. I just realized I have a very strong opinion about this matter, but have not officially voiced my opinion to the person voting for me. I have just forwarded an e-mail to Ray Metzger asking him to vote “yes” to make Decatur smoke-free.

I urge all the citizens of Decatur to contact their respective City Council member and cast their votes.

We should also support the businesses that have already declared their establishments smoke-free.

Sandra Jordan

Athens chief’s comments offensive and arrogant

To The Daily: The plea agreement in the Farron Barksdale case last week prompted some arrogant and offensive criticism from the Athens police chief.

In an article in this newspaper, Chief Wayne Harper strongly expressed his disagreement with the plea that spares Barksdale’s life while putting him in prison for the rest of his natural life.

He claims to speak for the two fallen policemen by saying they would have been disappointed with the outcome. The chief may have known these men well, but what he does is imply that he knows them better than the family members who encouraged the district attorney to offer life without possibility of parole.

The reporting on this case has described both officer Tony Mims and Sgt. Larry Russell as men of Christian conviction. Chief Harper’s criticism ignores the possibility that these men would have preferred mercy over vengeance, in accord with the message of Jesus who said, “Blessed are the merciful.”

Brian M. White

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