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One business owner speaks for himself about Athens

To The Daily: I am writing this letter because many people have begun taking the bold position of speaking for businesses in Athens. When people use the terms “many” and “most” and attach that to the word “businesses,” it is my concern. I am the spokesman for my business, and no one else. To say this or that “will” happen to a business you are not directly involved in is presumptuous.

Now, I will speak for my business. My business did not choose to come to Athens because it was wet. I came to Athens because this is my hometown and I love it. I have many fond memories of growing up here, from catching crawdads in the old dirty city creek to walking with my friends to the Handy Mart to get candy and RC colas. I was even a local business owner at the ripe age of seven, selling ice cream and chocolate syrup under the grapevine in the backyard of our Coffman Drive home. The memories are still there, and my wife and I are creating new ones in this same great town I remembered as a boy.

So you see, it’s more than a business to me. It’s home. My business will not “cease to exist” should the citizens of Athens go back dry. We are determined to succeed as a business; we will look for ways to overcome obstacles when they surface — whether it is the wet/dry issue or any of the many issues I will have to face.

I was taught, among other things, to have plan “A,” then have plans “B,” “C,” “D,” “E,” all the way to “Z” if necessary, because you never know what lies ahead. It is truly the nature of business — it is life.

Mark White

Which is the true moral position on alcohol sales?

To The Daily: Every day, alcohol is sold and consumed in the United States (legally and/or illegally). Why should one local group dictate its brand of morality and try to deny the citizens of Athens their ability to purchase spirits in their city?

The issue in Athens is simple. Are you for legal sales of alcohol in Athens or are you for illegal sales of alcohol in Athens?

A “yes” vote indicates you are for legal sales. A “no” vote indicates you are for illegal sales (truly an immoral position). You make your decision — yes for legal sales — no for illegal sales.

There is no middle ground on this issue.

Charles S. Browning

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