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Convicted criminals have it too easy in jails and prisons

To The Daily: Prisoners are being housed at our expense. The citizens, not to mention the people who were victimized, pay for their imprisonment. Prisoners get free health care, food, air-conditioning, clothes, lodging and free education.

We have elderly who have worked all their lives who cannot afford health insurance or anything else these criminals are given free. The government seems to be saying, “Rob, steal and kill and we’ll just put you in jail. You don’t have to work. We’ll give it to you free.”

When are the politicians, the justice system and the bleeding hearts going to see what they’re doing, all in the name of human rights? Whose rights? It certainly is not the rights of the victims’ families, or the victims themselves.

Criminals who do the crime deserve a stripped-down type of jail. No dental, no medical, no television. They knew what would happen when they broke the law and they chose to do it anyway, sometimes over and over. Put them in lockup without any frills.

What about the prisoners on death row? They have how many appeals? I just read an article that a man was put to death after sitting on death row for 27 years. He raped and killed an 86-year-old woman. Who paid all these years for that prisoner’s upkeep? We taxpayers did. To top it all off, the victim’s family actually helped maintain the murderer with their tax dollars as well.

We need to contact our representatives and demand they pare down these “necessary for civil rights” services and start treating criminals like the rotten, cheating, lying and murdering lot they are. And when a person is condemned to die, don’t wait 27 years to carry out the sentence.

Vicki Whelan

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