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Dislikes Colonial Mall’s parental-supervision rule

To The Daily: I was reading the article in The Daily about Mayor Don Kyle being pleased with the new owner of Colonial Mall.

I am a lifetime resident of the Morgan County area. I shop and dine at the mall, and my teenage daughters love to go to the movies. I was in the mall over the weekend with my two teenage daughters and two of their friends. A new school year is just around the corner and we were shopping for school clothes.

I was in a store with all four girls, and one of my teenagers and her friend wanted to go across the way to another store, A security guard sent them back to me and said they could not be in the mall without adult supervision.

As a parent of two teenage daughters, I am aware that children can sometimes be loud and more outgoing when they are with a group of friends. But the rules at the Colonial Mall concerning the children have gone a little overboard, in my opinion.

If there are more parents who share my concerns about these ridiculous rules, they can remodel with gold posts and silver floors and they will lose business. I had four children with me and was in the mall, willing to spend several hundred dollars. However, my children and I left and spent my money elsewhere.

I understand some rules are necessary but having to walk from store to store with 14- and 15-year-olds as if they were three and four is absolutely ridiculous.

Jennifer Bannister
Butler Hartselle

City taking away freedoms for which veteran fought To The Daily: First, there was the weed-and-litter issue. Now some are talking about not allowing parked cars in the grass.

Why is this even an issue if the cars run? Some people do own more than two cars, so correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it safer for traffic if those cars are parked in the yard rather than on the curb? Decatur (and all those other cities it is trying to copy) might as well call itself a citywide homeowner’s association and be done with it.

The one thing that seems to be the main focus of all of this is property values. Sadly, we seem to be living in a city where money seems to trump citizens’ rights to do as they please with their own property.

This has been the worst City Council I can remember and once again, they let The Decatur Daily tell them what needs to be on the council agenda. Most people I have talked to think The Daily’s “Hiding in Plain Sight” series is one of the silliest acts of journalism they have ever seen and, of course, the council seems to follow on their leash and become “yard police.”

I sure am glad that the city has used my tax money so wisely in making this a priority instead of getting the drug dealers, rapists and thieves off the streets. Heck, they can’t even get over themselves and make sure we have the best ambulance service out there. The way the things are being handled by this City Council is one of the reasons I am moving back into the county, where I can enjoy a little more freedom. After all, as a veteran, that is the main reason I did serve and fight.

Craig Stover

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