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Are tsunamis, landslides clues about dark energy?

To The Daily: This is in response to the May 27 Parade article “The Secrets of Dark Energy” by Meg Urry. Observing some natural events suggests Ms. Urry won’t have
to go to the next galaxy to study dark energy.

“Long Runout Landslides,” a program on The Learning Channel, describes the descent, flow and distribution of a great section of mountain that broke away. Instead of the falling debris coming to rest at the foot of the 3,000-foot mountain, the debris flowed and scattered, covering the meadow and countryside, up to two miles away. One student of the much-studied event described the flow of the debris as seeming to hover over the meadow. Let’s blast away a similar section of the mountain and monitor
the descent, flow and distribution of the debris.

Other events that involve great quantities of moving matter that seem to take on a mind of their own, ignoring the physics that we know, include the great ocean wave, the tsunami. A tsunami generated off the coast of South America can make its way to Japan, across thousands of miles, unimpeded. The orbital weather phenomenon is another example. Do these events suggest a clue to dark energy?

I, too, know of a long runout landslide on the Sipsey River. Before I knew about long run out landslides, I was on a float trip on the Sipsey River and came upon a stone rockery dam on the entire river channel. The rocks and boulders continued on to the east bank and extended into the forest. I thought, “Where did the rocks come from and how did they get here?” The thought continues after all these years. I could see a white rock cliff, 100 feet or so from the river channel.

I would like to take a closer look.

Morris J. Whittington

Clutter cleanup a plot to take private property

To The Daily: Hiding in plain sight? Enough is enough of all those articles and pictures about people’s clutter, parked cars, etc. Thanks to Mayor Don Kyle for his say in this matter.

I am a neat, clutter-free freak, but at the same time, I realize this is not possible for all people. Why not let a man work on cars in his yard, or park an old keepsake car in his yard?

Jim Slate’s property is his property and business. These complaints are why we outside the city do not want Hartselle to come into our area so they can make the area more attractive for the well-to-do and big businesses who want to take our property from us.

My father fought in World War I, my husband in World War II, my three sons and three grandsons, later. Why did they fight? Was it to allow city government, state and world government to take over?

Watch out, citizens. If we sit back and say or do nothing, this will happen.

Norma McAbee

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