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Smokers should buy tobacco outside Decatur

To The Daily: The City Council did not ask citizens what they wanted when it raised taxes. Council members just did it and were voted out with the damage still intact. The City Council did not ask citizens what they wanted when it tried to pass gun laws. It tried to pass them and the state took care of that.

The City Council did not ask citizens what they wanted with this smoking ban. It just did it with no regard for the businesses it will hurt or the individuals whose rights are being trodden on.

I would like to inquire when it became acceptable for five people to decide what is best for the entire city of Decatur. Without a public vote, no one can say what the general public wants. Our City Council wants to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens and bankrupt businesses that are already having a hard time.

I would like all smokers to consider that Decatur gets a great deal of revenue from the tobacco products you purchase within the city limits. Decatur doesnít care about you or your rights. Decatur wants you to spend your money on tobacco so they can collect that revenue.

Decatur should refrain from selling tobacco products within the city limits if you are not allowed to partake of them in public. Decatur doesnít deserve your tax money.

Buy tobacco products in the county or another county and donít give these five people and the city government one more penny.

Margaret Runager

County roads, city streets have never been worse

To The Daily: I would like to make a suggestion for the city of Decatur and Morgan County. Replace the mayor, City Council and County Commission. Many things are suggested, but there doesnít seem to be anything done.

In all my years in Decatur, Iíve never seen the streets in worse condition and that goes for most of this part of the county.

Herbert Moore

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