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Christians help their neighbors in need, donít shame them

To The Daily: I canít believe neighbor has turned on neighbor and shamed each other on the front page like what Iíve been seeing in The Decatur Daily. Some people living in the county are barely getting by and having a hard time making ends meet, only to have a neighbor complain about them bringing their property value down.

You want to talk about hiding in plain sight, take a trip down Six Mile Road in the Somerville area. Somebody came down a road that had only been patched with a bucket of asphalt here and there, and painted a nice new line down the middle before sending the road crew in to patch a section here, then skip a section and move on down and lay another section of road that made the rest of the road look like a piece quilt. Granted the paint is on the underside of the asphalt. Why donít we rate having a road we can be proud of, instead of having to avoid the lumps and dips in it?

You want to talk about your neighbors on the front page, well I remember my neighbors and some members from Shiloh Baptist Church seeing a mentally challenged neighbor living alone, doing the best he could. They got together and worked all weekend, donating supplies and their time to help fix his rundown residence. They werenít doing it for an ďatta boy,Ē they didnít highlight him and put him down on the front page of the newspaper. They did it as neighbors helping their fellow man.

Christians need to do the Christian thing not only in church, but in their everyday world, too. I applaud the members of Shiloh who helped my neighbor that weekend. I only wish other neighborhoods could learn from their example.

Grace Renfroe

Story of Lawrence County family inspires sadness

To The Daily: I just finished reading an article in The Decatur Daily that really upset me. It concerns a family that lives near Trinity and appears to be totally destitute.

I have lived in Baytown, Texas, for many years, but I proudly call Decatur my hometown and I still have family and lots of friends there.

That situation in Lawrence County is so sad. To think that the man of the house is charged with stealing scrap iron to sell when he has maybe a couple of tons of it in his yard. To think that he is being punished by doing public service when his own yard looks just too dangerous for decent folk to get through. He needs to pick up trash for the city? He needs someone to pick up his trash. To think that there is a small infant that apparently no one feels they have authority or responsibility to check on.

My first reaction to reading the article was that some people ought to take off their law enforcement uniforms and do something. Gee, if someone is hurt in an auto accident I hope people donít stop and first consider the location of the accident as the most important thing in deciding whether to render aid.

I firmly believe the Sunday school group I meet with would not allow a situation like that to stand if it happened in my community and we knew about it.

Dalton Garrett
Baytown, Texas

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