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Can smoke, eat outside Decatur

To The Daily: Well, just when I thought Decatur was finally catching up with the times, the politicians in Alabama do it again. I guess when I head toward Tennessee this weekend to pick up my lottery tickets, I might be able to find a restaurant where I can sit down and smoke while I wait for my food to be served.

I hope all smokers and drinkers boycott all businesses that do not allow smoking.

I would like to know how it would affect the taxes of Decatur if all smokers go to Madison to buy their cigarettes and eat out. I also wonder how it will affect new businesses coming to Decatur, especially the upscale restaurants that have bars. I love to sit down in a restaurant and smoke a cigarette while I drink my coffee.

What is amazing is that a person can go to a restaurant with his minor children and consume all the alcoholic drinks he desires, then drive home with his children in the car. A question for the City Council and our mayor: Is this safe and healthy for our children?

I am currently a resident of Hartselle and had been considering relocating back to Decatur, where I was raised. However, I am staying in Hartselle and I will buy my cigarettes and eat out in Hartselle businesses that allow smokers.

Richard K. Butler

Ordinance about bigotry, not health

To The Daily: In enacting the new smoking ordinance, city officials ignored not only the sentiments of the people of Decatur, but our outrage as well. They expect the residents of Decatur to embrace this gross act of social injustice with gratitude and acceptance.

I have no intentions of offering any support for the new anti-smoking ordinance in any capacity. So bring on the fines. Iím not paying them.

I will however, fight for the recall of Mayor Don Kyle and Councilmen Billy Jackson and Ronny Russell, not to mention the repeal of this ordinance.

This is clearly about social discrimination and bigotry, not about health, and I will not support it in any capacity.

Ed McBarron

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