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Owner doesnít think City Council should run her deli

To The Daily: There have been many letters concerning the issue of the smoking ban and there have been many mentions of The Brick Deli and how it will affect our business as well as other non-corporate local businesses.

I personally do not like to eat where people are smoking and thatís why Iíll sit in a non-smoking section. If I can still smell the smoke, then I get up and leave. I have the right to do that (at least for now) and I have the common sense to do that.

If the people of Decatur had voted on this issue and voted for a ban, then we would keep our mouths closed and know that democracy is alive and well. We have three people telling us how we will run our business. Doesnít anyone else out there see how insane this is?

Of course smoking is harmful, but cigarettes are not illegal and the city is still receiving tax money from the sale of them. If we allow our voices to be taken away, there will be a day that even the most clean-living person will be sorry. They say you canít fight City Hall; I thought the whole point was to work together. We shouldnít have to fight. The fight for the right to vote on issues was fought long ago in this country. And I believe the people won that fight, right?

Tina Hall

City leaders provide many reasons for disappointment

To The Daily: To say I am disappointed in Mayor Don Kyleís decision to let the smoking ban pass is an understatement. Iím disappointed that he seems more interested in keeping his political contributions rolling in than what the citizens of Decatur want.

Iím disappointed the citizens are allowed to vote on alcohol sales, but the decision for public smoking rests with a handful of people. Iím disappointed the individual business owners were not allowed to make this decision for themselves. Iím disappointed that once again, the people we elected are no better than the people we voted out of office (remember their promises to repeal the extra 1-cent sales tax?). I will remember this when it comes time to vote again and work hard to have the current regime voted out of office.

As suggested in another editorial letter, I plan to take all of my tax revenues out of Decatur. I plan to make all my purchases — groceries, tobacco, clothing — outside Decatur, thereby denying my tax dollars to the people who have so poorly represented me and their other constituents.

My husband made a wonderful analogy regarding our city government this morning. He said, ďWe vote for those who we think have our best interest in mind, and every time we are disappointed. Itís like Lucy always pulling the football away from Charlie Brown at the last minute. And we, the voters, are Charlie Brown. We always hope, and are always disappointed.Ē

Iím sorry for the business owners in this city that this will affect. I hope they donít decide to move to greener pastures. I know I would.

Lynne Orr

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