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Lots of humorous remarks about smoking, drinking

To The Daily: There used to be a TV show called “People are Funny.” This can be carried over to some of the comments one reads in The Daily, especially when it involves smoking/no-smoking, drinking/no-drinking. Read one comment from a local deli/bar owner who’s business would be “devastated” if folks couldn’t smoke while they drank.

I’ve never smoked, but I find it hard to believe that someone on their way home from work is going to drive to Huntsville just so they can smoke a pack or two while they drink a beer. Seems it would be much easier to just park by the “local watering hole,” smoke a pack in your car, go in, have a beer, get back in your car and smoke another pack or two on your way home.

Another comment was from a person “getting on” the City Council for being able to stop smoking, but can’t stop drinking. I don’t know about you, but I can sit by someone drinking and not be affected buy a “secondhand beer burp” but I am affected by “ secondhand smoke.”

The last notable comment was from someone who reads death certificates for a hobby, saying he had never seen one that stated secondhand smoke as cause of death. Just spend a month or two at UAB or Vanderbilt talking to cancer patients and doctors about secondhand smoke. It may not be the cause, but the heart problems, lung problems, etc. that result in death are enough reason to avoid first, second or third-hand smoke.

OK, I’m through. Off my soap box. How did this start? “People are funny.”

James Reardon

More ‘praise’ for the city’s ban on smoking

To The Daily: I would like to thank the Decatur City Council and mayor for not only taking away the freedom of adults to decide their own behavior, but for also moving another step closer to abolishing private property rights in Decatur.

Now that they have decided you can no longer allow smoking in a privately owned business, how much longer until they decide that smoking should be banned in all private homes and vehicles as well?

Banning a legal behavior on city-owned property is one thing, but a blanket ban on this activity in all businesses and clubs, public or private, once again shows a clear disregard for the rights and opinions of the taxpayers.

The majority of my shopping, dining, etc. is done in Decatur but, fortunately, I do not live in the city and can easily take my business — and tax revenue — elsewhere. When the city decides to allow citizens to make their own decisions regarding how to best run their businesses, I will be happy to start shopping in Decatur again.

Scott Aday

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