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Urge lawmakers to stop payday and title lenders who prey on the poor

To The Daily: As I was driving home from work yesterday, I again noticed the large number of payday and title lenders that have popped up in Decatur in the past few years. These businesses typically cater to the working class, who cannot get credit at other institutions. Typically, a loan at a title lender is several hundred percent interest over the life of the loan, with most people just paying the minimum amount of interest due each time and allowing the principal amount of the loan to continue to accumulate interest.

I find this sort of financial skullduggery infuriating. Payday and title lenders may say they are helping those they deal with by offering them credit when no one else will, but the astronomical amount of interest they collect is obscene, and is the very definition of the word “usury.” These lenders should not be allowed to prey on the less fortunate in this manner, setting up a cycle of indebtedness that sometimes lasts for a lifetime.

I urge readers of The Daily to contact their state and local elected representatives and help stop these financial vultures from operating in Alabama.

Paul Thornton

There is no excuse for neglect of animals

To The Daily: Regarding the Wilkersons and their horses. Robert Wilkerson said, “I’d do anything I could for my horses”

Mr. Wilkerson says this regarding his horses, but a delay in the Illinois trip he and his wife took left his horses without water for more than a week, according to The Daily.

I’d like to ask the Wilkersons how hard would it have been to call a friend and make sure someone went by daily to check on his horses?

There is no excuse for leaving any animals without water in this horrific heat.

What is it going to take for our legislators to strengthen the laws regarding animal neglect and abuse? How many more will suffer at the hands of indifferent owners before someone who can change the laws says “Enough!”

This just makes my blood boil and I hope folks will continue to report these people who will not even provide their animals with basic necessities of food and water on a daily basis.

It is just outrageous and should not be tolerated on any level.

Sunni Evan Montgomery
Jackson Trace Stables, LLC

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