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Wise Decatur officials protect us

To The Daily: Thank you to our wise councilmen, Billy Jackson, David Bolding and Ronny Russell, for passing the smoking ban. It took a lot of courage and intelligence to put together such a wonderful law. In Mr. Russell’s letter to the editor, he made it very clear why we need a smoking ban. Thank you from the bottom of my lungs.

The majority of people in the country do not smoke and nonsmokers and people with health problems have been denied their freedom to live healthy lives. The Constitution does not give anyone the freedom (or liberty) to harm another person.

I just wish the people who have protested the smoking ban would go to an allergy center, heart center or cancer facility and actually see some of the effects of smoking and secondhand smoke. In 2003, Pueblo, Colo., enacted a smoking ban. Eighteen months after the smoking ban, admissions to hospitals for heart problems decreased by 27 percent.

Remember when smoking was banned from the airlines and all the protesting done over that. Some smokers would go to the bathroom and sneak a smoke, but now all the fighting is over. People have also discovered that too much aroma (perfumes, etc.) is also a toxin and refrain from wearing them on planes.

Sometimes we just have to have wise leaders to keep us safe.

Mrs. Johnnie Dukes

Council, mayor cater to few at cost to many

To The Daily: This smoking ban that the Decatur City Council and Mayor Don Kyle have so boldly made into law for a group of Decatur’s most influential citizens is just the beginning of them taking the rights away from a majority of the rest of us who also work, live and pay taxes in this city.

I would like to know what happened to the man I used to know, because he became mayor? He did not support the one-cent sales tax the City Council passed on purchases made in Decatur because it hurt small businesses. But I guess that only mattered when he was running a business.

I think the city needs to take the sign down on the north side of the river bridge and change the name of this city to “Stepford.” Maybe we could even build a wall around the city to keep all the people out who do not agree with everything the City Council and mayor want. Maybe this would then become Utopia for a few.

The city wants to turn citizen against citizen and neighbor against neighbor by having them do the policing. They’re turning in each other with this Hiding in plain sight and the smoking ban. Does this sound anything like Nazi Germany to anyone else?

The mayor needs to reverse this smoking law and let Americans continue to have the right to choose, instead of coming under a dictatorship.

Jack. W. Cockrell

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