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Nonsmokers not forced to enter smoking businesses

To The Daily: This letter is in reply to Dan Price’s comments. It seems the Decatur City Council really needs to pass an ordinance banning fat people from eating at pizza places, fast food restaurants and ice cream parlors.

If they are so worried about secondhand smoke and our health , why must they stop with the nonsmoking ordinance?

It sounds like Mr. Price is in the same shape I am in. My friends tell me I am one cheeseburger away from exploding; however, it is still my choice if I want to smoke or eat food that is unhealthy. It is the right of business owners if they want to allow smoking in their establishments. They should be able to post signs that state smoking is allowed. If you’re a nonsmoker, it is your right not to enter.

Richard K. Butler

Smoke killed parents, is killing other relatives

To The Daily: I have been reading all the pros and cons about smoking in Decatur. I want to thank the mayor and City Council for their action on this matter.

I lost both my parents to lung cancer. One died at 49 and the other at 50. Both were heavy smokers. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law have emphysema so bad they can hardly breathe. I have a stepbrother who smokes three or four packs a day. He will have to start using an oxygen bottle because he can only get about 90 percent oxygen to his lungs. His wife, who has never smoked, has emphysema from breathing his secondhand smoke. He and my in-laws are addicted to cigarettes.

So, if you smokers want to light up, feel free to do so, but not in a place where I go to eat or do business. I hate going out to eat and coming home smelling like a cigarette and breathing secondhand smoke.

So I say again: Go ahead and light up.

Go ahead and kill yourselves, but do it in a place that does not endanger my health.

Charles Mauldin

Secondhand smoke doesn’t kill everyone at young age

To The Daily: I have been a smoker for 52 years. Smoking cigarettes doesn’t cause people to get mean and fight or kill, like drugs and alcohol do. Meanwhile, there’s a bar on every corner where people leave drunk and endanger innocent lives.

My mother was always around secondhand smoke, as you call it. She lived to be 89 years old.

They are just taking away everyone’s rights. I guess our country isn’t so free anymore.

Shirley M. Peacock

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