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Baby-killer party vs. warmonger party

To The Daily: As I read the article on the two school board members changing parties, my first thought was, “How stupid do they think we are?” They changed because of values? Please. The Democratic Party has had the abortion issue in its national plank for nearly 30 years, and these two just found this out?

They know they have to run for re-election in a Republican county. This is the same thing Jeff Clark and Greg Bartlett did. You change parties to stay in power.

Carolyn Wallace has played the baby-killer card. Now how will you respond when someone calls you a warmonger? Pick your poison.

Tim Crow

Fairground should change location, disturbs neighbors

To The Daily: After listening to the people associated with the fairground board Aug. 28, it is plain they think the sun rises on the east side of the fairground and the sun sets on the west side and God himself put the fairground board here just to please the citizens of Decatur.

Yes, the fairground was created here before most of the houses were built, but one gentleman said they were neighborhoodfriendly.

If you can call all the noises until 2 or 3 a.m., with windows rattling 300 yards away neighborhood-friendly, then I would hate to see them with an ax to grind. If they think the laws of the city and the county do not apply to them, perhaps we can get a hunting party there when rabbit season opens and have a big rabbit hunt. It’s not enough to put up with the fair for 10 days, but all the other activity in the name of agriculture is a real joke.

With more than 200 signatures on a petition, this board thinks they pay more into the city and county in taxes than the homeowners.

No one disturbs the fair board when they get home from work or on the weekend with their families. We should be shown the same consideration. If I had a new house built in a subdivision and mine was the only house there for five years before any other houses were built, that wouldn’t give me the right to disturb the new neighbors as they moved in.

This whole fair board is a total joke — but no one is laughing at this point. Why not sell the property and buy more property in the county? The price of the fairground, it being prime city property, would be enough to purchase a place three times as large as the current fairground.

Nah. That would make too much sense.

Aaron Potts

Nothing ever done about City Hall ‘corruption’ here

To The Daily: I am writing about Mayor Don Kyle’s decision to not use his veto power on the new smoking law just passed by our City Council. Mayor Kyle just proved he could veto anything that he wanted to, as long as he has two council members’ support.

To me, this means Mayor Kyle could have vetoed the new dog pound at Wilson Morgan Park, which is in Ronny Russell’s district. Mr. Russell supported it and his voting buddies — Billy Jackson and David Bolding — and Mayor Kyle supported him.

I haven’t found anyone yet except these four who support this new dog pound at Wilson Morgan Park. Something isn’t right here. I was born and raised here in Decatur and it turns my stomach to sit here and watch all this corruption go on here and nothing is ever done about it. Even the local TV stations out of Huntsville won’t investigate it. Who are they scared of? I have even heard there are petitions going around to impeach our mayor and City Council.

With city elections just around the corner, I can’t wait to cast my vote for what they are doing to our city and I can only hope that others will do the same thing. Soon the only businesses left will be the Mexican businesses that are popping up all around us.

David W. Kelley

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