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Respect othersí rights to express different opinions

To The Daily: The Rev. Eddie Gooch stood up for what he believed in and what he thought God would want him to do.

Maybe if more of us would take a stand on issues we believe in, we would not have the problems in the country that we do have. I could not vote for wet or dry because I am in the county. If I could have, I would have to go against the Rev. Gooch, but I sure respect the right to his opinion just as I would listen to anyone that has an opinion and make up my own mind.

If someone took a stand about prayer in school maybe God-Buddha-Allah would be allowed in schools and the children could make up their own minds. The list goes on and on about what could have happened if people took a stand.

So please do not criticize him but respect his opinion.

Joseph Richard (Dick) Gibson

Letterís sarcasm toward pastor was inappropriate

To The Daily: Iíve never read a more hate-filled letter than the one written by Dwight Eddins.

He started off by making fun of the Rev. Eddie Gooch saying that he didnít pray enough; itís evident Mr. Eddins doesnít know what the power of prayer can do in the lives of Godís people.

But as usual, when a person gets wound up, he says something that borders on sin against God.

I donít know the Rev. Gooch or Mr. Eddins, but Godís word does teach that our prayers can be a memorial to us, and we will meet every word we say at the judgment, whether in praise or sarcasm.

Iíve never read a letter that was more sarcastic, and it was made, it seems, toward the Lord.

Thatís scary.

Carlos L. Cook

Only mentally challenged believe in evolution theory

To The Daily: In the Aug. 26 edition of The Daily, Jamie Wilson seemingly apologized for God having the book of Genesis written and attributed the writing to the status of a myth. There is to be found in the Bible more confirmed scientific fact than can be found in anyoneís evolution, including Charles Darwinís.

There has yet to be found a half-ape/half-man residing in the same body. Nor has anyone found a half-fish/half-donkey residing in the same body. However, jackasses are plentiful throughout the world, including Morgan County.

In my opinion, one has to be mentally challenged to believe in evolution. If you doubt my logic, then light a firecracker and see if order comes out of the explosion. What you get is a mess, and so is evolution.

William R. Treadway

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