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Bible says sacrifice selfish desires to help others

To The Daily: Dwight Eddins is correct in saying that Jesus turned water into wine and I havenít read anywhere in the Bible where drinking alcohol is prohibited. We are warned several times about the dangers of drunkenness. Paul even encouraged Timothy to drink a little wine because of stomach problems. Everything God put on this Earth can be used for good.

But the main reason I will vote against open alcohol sales is because of where Paul talks about some of the immature Christians being confused about eating food that had been used in idol sacrifices. Paul says that there was nothing wrong with the meat, but if it caused some of the others to stumble then it was a sin for him. I believe we should take it one step further and say if it causes anyone, Christian or not, to stumble, itís not a good thing. The more I study my Bible, the more I believe the overall message is about selfless love.

I have seen first hand the effects of alcoholism in my family and had an intoxicated friend die in a car wreck. Try explaining to that personís family about the benefits we receive from the sales tax revenue. I know how destructive it can be. Anyone who would even try to deny this is only fooling himself.

All good things come from God, and as I grow closer to him, I am more willing to sacrifice my desires if it will benefit someone else.

I do not live anymore — it is Christ who lives in me.

Cecil F. Johnson

Abuse of power, political correctness ruin Decatur

To The Daily: I wonder if it surprised Decatur folks when the high mucky-mucks and elected politicians decided what was best for business owners and people in general? There was no need to feel surprised — the elected abuse their power all the time.

This bunch of dismal dummies called it passing an ordinance or regulation, but call it what it is: a new law. Thereís no smoking in public, which includes cafťs, restaurants, night spots and all working places. They didnít ask the people who own these establishments, hire employees, pay their taxes and take care of their customers what they thought about this. The dismal dummies just took it on themselves to make a new law.

They say this new law is for health reasons, but I find it hard to believe theyíre worried about your health. Itís more like political correctness run amok.

Judging by the letters to the editor column, many nonsmokers donít approve of banning public smoking. They know, like most of us know, that itís dictatorial and un-American.

Abuse of power and political correctness have ruined Decatur.

Jimmy Robinson

Fed up with government cheating, dishonesty, theft

To The Daily: Iím tired of my tax money continuing to pay people who are dishonest, who draw money for work they didnít perform, who double dip, who outright steal. Why canít it be stopped?

Iím also tired of people yelling ďdiscrimination.Ē Color doesnít matter. Ethnic group doesnít matter. Itís still dishonest theft, no matter who does it.

Alabama Education Associationís poí mouthiní by Paul Hubbert is just as bad.

How do we get it stopped?

Bobbie Johnson

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