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Camp Joy doing good work by assisting youths

To The Daily: On July 30 and Aug. 1, I attended Camp Joy at Pine Hill Day Camp. I photographed about 50 children and developed their portraits. I would like to say thanks and God bless to every caregiver who is responsible for rearing each one of these young human beings. Helping infants grow into moral, caring adults is the greatest challenge of our society.

We need to remember every person born must have a job as an adult. What will Decatur do to assist our youths? We only have about nine more years before this age group needs to be employed.

The beauty and healthiness of these children was exceptional. In fact, they were in much better shape physically than my own classmates and I were at age nine. The parents, foster parents, relatives, doctors, dentists, teachers, bus driver, donating businessmen, church workers and everyone at the Boys and Girls Club came together to accomplish a magnificent thing at Camp Joy.

Letís all keep it up. Remember, a soul is too valuable to waste.

Tessie Marques

Lottery winner is an instrument of Satan

To The Daily: I read with interest James L. Evansí column about praying for the lottery. He says he believes God doesnít influence the outcomes of such things as lotteries and sports events.

Maybe so or maybe not, but it depends upon the intention behind the prayer. It is more important that Mr. Evans is blinded to the fact that the winner is an instrument of the devil.

One who practices witchcraft is diametrically opposed to the will of God. The enemy will supply whatever means is necessary to help his blind minions on Earth accomplish his purpose: to destroy those who are of God. The winner has agreed to sell his soul to the devil by becoming a full-time teacher of Wicca. Shameful, simply shameful.

I pray for this manís soul that it will not be eternally lost and so should your readers.

Ingrid Borah
Casper, Wyo.

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