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Water tower an eyesore; always respect wishes of your elected officials

To The Daily: Regarding the “Hiding in plain sight” discussions: It has always been my opinion that any who live in glass houses should not throw stones or do as I say, not as I do. I am referring to the ugly, filthy and disgraceful water tower that stands out horribly in downtown Decatur. I do not know who claims ownership, but they fit in the category of the above opinions. It makes me angry each time I go to downtown Decatur and see that horrible water tower glaring down for all to see. What opinion do you think is formed by our new residents of Decatur when they see this horrible towering thing?

I believe that we all should keep our property well groomed. Does this not include first the city of Decatur? If it does not belong to the city, has the city sent a notice to the owner? Come on, city — let’s get real about this and take action to do away with or clean up that atrocity, and then approach the homeowners and then you can say, “Do as I say and as I do.”

One other matter that bothers me is all the controversy regarding smoking in public places. I, as a citizen, will always respect the wishes of our elected officials whether I agree with them or not. I will have the opportunity to express my feelings when I vote at the next election. Don’t you think our time would be better spent writing letters of encouragement to our troops in Iraq? I just wonder what they would think of all this bickering as they fight for our freedom.

Margie Dumas

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