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Petraeus keeps us safe; cowardly to criticize him

To The Daily: Even though I believe it was a big mistake to go to Iraq, I will not be part of calling a man who spent his life defending me a liar.

Consider this: President Bush tells the military to pull out effective immediately, and within one month all military troops, advisers and equipment are completely gone from Iraq. Then what? Iran would be in control of Iraq within a week. The U.S. would look like a weakling to the people who hate us already, and Americans would not be safe anywhere.

For you guys to attack a general officer to advance your political goals is, in my opinion, cowardice.

You should be ashamed.

Bobby Powell

Why cover cage fighting promoter, participants?

To The Daily: I have been reading a lot of articles focused on cage fighting. My question is why? Cage fighting should not be considered any more dangerous than boxing. People find the idea barbaric because the word cage is involved.

The people participating are not forced to do so. They choose to participate. Robert Clairday does it for the money, the fighters do it for the glory. What is the problem with this?

I donít understand why this issue canít be dropped. I understand the fire marshal and the safety in that issue. But why ban it all together? Why not use it as profit? If you want to tax it, then do so. All anyone is doing is just promoting cage fighting because everyone is talking about it. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

Just leave Mr. Clairday and his fighters alone.

Heather Brown

Hospice salutes employees of assisted living facilities

To The Daily: Sept. 10-16 was National Assisted Living Week. We at Hospice of the Valley would like to express our deepest appreciation for Cedar Springs, Morningside, Country Cottage, Sierra Springs and The Terrace at Priceville. Their hard work and dedication to their residents does not go overlooked.

It takes special people to meet the challenges of meeting the health care needs of our community and we are glad they are here to meet that challenge. Again, thanks to all the people who work and care for the residents of our communities.

Cynthia Wilson

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