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Politicians pandering to illegal immigrants

To The Daily: Democratic candidates give speeches on Univision, one of two Spanish-language channels, hoping to charm the Hispanic and Latino vote in America. With two languages being used simultaneously, it was cacophonous, and the whole idea of such a debate is ridiculous. In Mexico, no foreigner is allowed to meddle in Mexican politics, yet one of the translators for the debate is a Mexican citizen.

Speaking English is a condition for gaining citizenship in the United States, so why campaign in a foreign language? Are we now letting illegal aliens vote? Patriotic Americans of Latino and Hispanic descent donít need to be pandered to. In this group, I do not include those who came here illegally and became residents or citizens through amnesty, or because their American-born children petitioned for them. In my opinion, theyíre not real Americans.

Patriotic Hispanics and Latinos have the same interests as the majority of native-born Americans. They are, by and large, members of the middle class and are tired of being lumped in with non-patriotic Hispanics and Latinos just because of their names, ancestry or physical characteristics. This group of patriotic Hispanics and Latinos is also tired, as are native-born Americans, of paying for freebies for illegal aliens from Latin America and the rest of the world.

Clearly, the aforementioned debate was not targeted to the patriotic Hispanics and Latinos. This event was staged for those whose loyalties lie outside United States borders.

Democrats wonít be the only ones to put on such a show. Republicans are probably planning something similar. It is time for Hispanics and Latinos who are Americans in the real sense of the word to stand up and say to those who support illegal immigration and the selling out of America, ďYou donít speak for me.Ē

Carmen Callahan

Cage fighting is as safe as boxing, leave it alone

To The Daily: I have been reading a lot of articles focused on cage fighting. My question is why? Cage fighting should not be considered any more dangerous than boxing. People find the idea barbaric because the word cage is involved.

The people participating are not forced to do so. They choose to participate. Robert Clairday does it for the money, the fighters do it for the glory. What is the problem with this?

I donít understand why this issue canít be dropped. I understand the fire marshal and the safety in that issue. But why ban it all together? Why not use it as profit? If you want to tax it, then do so. All anyone is doing is just promoting cage fighting because everyone is talking about it. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

Just leave Mr. Clairday and his fighters alone.

Heather Brannon

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