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Let NBC news show know about Decatur schools

To The Daily: As an educator in the Decatur City School system, I was completely offended by the comments about our city and school system that aired on the “Today” show Sept. 20.

I am asking Decatur citizens to join me in letting the “Today” show know how wrong they were in airing such inaccurate and outdated information. The Decatur City School system is the fourth school district in the fourth state that I have worked for, and is far superior to the other places I have taught school.

I urge citizens to contact any former DCS educators, graduates of the DCS, current students, retired personnel, and anyone else you know, and encourage them to participate in this campaign to let the “Today” show know the citizens of Decatur will not sit by silently after hearing their comments. Please send any correspondence that you may have for the “Today” show via post cards or letters to my address: 2624 Buckingham Gate SW, Decatur, AL 35603.

Depending on the response from the community, I will personally box up and mail these letters to the “Today” show and possibly hand-carry them to its studio in New York City.

Stephanie Bass

Downtown Decatur needs something to attract folks

To The Daily: After 24 years in business in downtown Decatur, I moved my ailing business to Priceville on Sept. 1. I owned Maneline hair salon on Grant Street. The reason I chose to leave the downtown area had everything to do with the decline of some of the areas located there. No one came downtown other than the people working at the courthouse, law firms, and the people working at the few businesses hanging in there. I watched numerous businesses start and fail in the 24 years I was in the area. No traffic, no business. The city must find a way to draw people into the downtown area or, in my opinion, they can just hang it up.

Now, the city has been given another break and they question what to do with it. The downtown area needs a civic center. What better solution could there be for the land? Give the people somewhere to go and something to enjoy, and they will come. We have jobs. Add a thriving downtown and some class — something to do in Decatur. What else makes more sense?

I am not an $80,000 per year adviser, but I can, after watching for 24 years, advise as to what to do with the land donated to the city, and I am not charging a penny. The City Council and mayor need to open their eyes. Do they really want this town to grow, or just sit around talking about it?

Stop wasting the city’s time. I remember a council where some members were voted out of office for raising the sales tax 1 cent. By the way, I thought a couple of councilmen said they were going to immediately remove that tax. I’m still waiting. What happened to that promise?

We are still watching our leaders. We will expect more. We deserve more. We want more.

Margaret Wyker

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