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Troopers do dangerous, thankless job

To The Daily: My wife and I were going to Cullman from Athens. Unfortunately, we did not make it due to problems with our vehicle. My wife called for assistance from the state troopers and they responded quickly to divert traffic into the inner lane. The trooper who came was Glen Odom. He was a nice and professional person. He assisted us in every way he could.

We thank him and the Alabama State Troopers for all the help they give the citizens of Alabama. We believe Trooper Odom did more than was required of him in a situation like this. While he was assisting us, he helped take our minds off our problem with his terrific ability to go beyond (what we think) far more than what is required.

Let’s all take our hats off to every one of our fine Alabama State Troopers who do a dangerous and, in most cases, a thankless job.

F.E. “Jack” Morgan

No one should be allowed to abuse a child

To The Daily: My hat goes off to the Limestone County Department of Human Resources for defending a child who was spanked too hard.

I sure wish some of this would rub off on Lawrence County. Two years ago, my 9-year-old nephew was “spanked,” if you can call it that, at school. He was taken to the doctor to get something for pain to be able to sit. This child had deep bruising that lasted more than three weeks. We begged for something to be done, but were told by every agency we went to that nothing could be done, because the school system didn’t fall under DHR rulings.

To me, it shouldn’t matter who it is who abuses a child. Everyone should have to abide by the same laws.

Betty Hill

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