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It would be amazing for U.S. citizens to unite

To The Daily: An answer to the Rev. James Evansí article on decline of religions: amazing.

Iím amazed at how many citizens in our country hate our countryís ways and a drug culture prevails with so many young people.

Iím amazed at how many people outside our country want to and do come here for a better life.

Iím amazed at how many people from many other countries want to destroy us, seeing us as infidels.

Iím amazed at the polarity in our country between groups and races with conflicting views.

Iím amazed at the incessant attacks by the media that polarize issues and the effectiveness of repetitive positions or advertisements that makes most people buy the product or view.

Iím amazed at the acceptance of the secularization of our country with its political, financial and sexual motivations. Iím amazed at the fragmentation of so many good social, educational and medical institutions being so issue-driven and egoistically motivated they have lost touch with the people as persons. Iím amazed at the fragmentation of the churches and their ministries, along with the growth of atheism, religious cults and -isms while a united Christian world is called to get the word out showing we care and share.

Iím still amazed Godís wrath has not yet come upon us and his amazing grace still holds in Jesus Christ, who looked on the world from the cross saying, ďFather forgive them for they know not what they do.Ē

Amazing isnít it? Amazing would be a changed, united people in these United States. We could be a part of an amazing change.

The Rev. Don H. Thomas

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